Novatel OEMV Firmware Reference Manual

This manual describes each command and log that the OEMV family of receivers are capable of accepting or generating. Sufficient detail is provided so that you should understand the purpose, syntax, and structure of each command or log and be able to effectively communicate with the receiver, thus enabling you to effectively use and write custom interfacing software for specific needs and applications. Continue reading “Novatel OEMV Firmware Reference Manual”

SPAN® Technology for OEMV® User Manual

This manual contains sufficient information on the installation and operation of the SPAN system. It is beyond the scope of this manual to provide details on service or repair. Contact your local NovAtel dealer for any customer-service related inquiries. Continue reading “SPAN® Technology for OEMV® User Manual”

Download Novatel Connect 1.8

NovAtel Connect™ is a windows-based GUI that allows you to access your receiver’s many features without the need to use a terminal emulator or to write special software. Connect lets you easily communicate and configure your receiver via serial port, USB or ethernet connection using a PC running the Windows 7 or Windows 10 operating system.


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