Hemisphere V102 User Guide

The V102 is a complete GPS compass and positioning system in a single enclosure that requires only one power/data cable connection. With its CAN support and ease of installation, the V102 is the perfect solution for both marine and land-based applications such as mine construction, earthworks and machine guidance.
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Hemisphere R131 User Guide

The R131 is the only model in the R100 Series that includes the following features:

  • Rack-mountable enclosure
  • Soft power switch located on front display – all other R100 Series models have a push-button power switch located on the bottom of the unit
  • 1 PPS output support via an SMA connector on the back of the unit

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Hemisphere R100 User Guide

The Crescent R100 is a GPS receiver that tracks GPS and SBAS. There are several varieties of the Crescent R100 that also track differential radio beacon signals and/or L-Band (OmniSTAR VBS®). All of the Crescent R100 Series receivers utilize Hemisphere GPS’ exclusive COAST™ technology during differential outages. The Crescent R100 is also capable of using Hemisphere GPS’ e-Dif® technology.
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