How to Upgrade Hemisphere S321 firmware thru Web UI?

  1. Using the “Management” tab under the Web UI, select the “Choose File” button to find the
    appropriate firmware of application software for the S321 device.
  2. After selecting the correct firmware/software file, click the green “Upload File” button.
  3. When the status bar reaches 100%, the upgrade is complete. The Web UI will indicate “Update

Applanix POSMV, Renishaw Merlin, SeaBat 7125 on Eiva Navisuite Kuda

I remember that lucky afternoon on MPA Investigator when there were no cargo vessels at berth, that seldom happens in busy terminals of Singapore, we scanned those unobstructed cranes. It was pretty data even in raw.

The EIVA NaviSuite Kuda software solution allows you to apply laser/LiDAR scanner data throughout the acquisition and processing workflow of data from shallow water survey operations. Moreover, this can be done in combination with multi-beam echo sounder (MBE) data (along with many other sensor types).

1 Operator plus 4 Hours of Mobilisation and Surveying Equal Extensive and Detailed Survey Results in NaviSuite Kuda.” EIVA – Marine Survey Solutions. N.p., n.d. Web. 04 June 2017.

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